Founded in 2008, Rescue Opos is a leading provider of conversion vehicles and equipment for Fire & Rescue, Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical, and Amber services. We provide our customers with top quality and reliable firefighting equipment, rescue gear, tools, and supplies with access to thousands of products available.

We provide the largest selection of fire equipment from industry-leading brands including Akron Brass, Key Fire Hose, Fire-Dex, Bullard, Honeywell, and Ziamatic. Whether you are a professional involved in firefighting, rescue, hazmat, ARFF, EMS, RIT, wildland firefighting, or structural firefighting.

From conception to completion; we pride ourselves in managing all aspects of our customer’s emergency vehicle conversion.

“Used Rescue Ops as an installer and repair service. I have received the best service bar none. Supplies and workmanship are definitely the best”

Chf R. Gonzales, LaCoste Police Department

On behalf of Sheriff Dwayne Villanueva and Chief Deputy Robert Ebrom… Rescue Ops does a great job on our county vehicles! The Karnes County Sheriff’s Office takes all of our emergency vehicles to Rescue Ops (Frank Arocha)! Thanks for all that you do!

Telia Escamilla

Trusted Dealer For